About Us

RCCG Inspiration House Mission

At the Redeemed Christian Church of God Inspiration House, Cork, we are committed to having the Church of Christ in conformity with the vision and mission of the Redeemed Christian Church of God as a mission. In addition to this, we maintain a vision that is specific to the calling of our church by Jesus Christ.


Helping people find purpose for life while preparing them for eternity with God.

Church History

RCCG Inspiration House, Cork started in Wilton, Cork in 2001 as a house fellowship centre which at the time consisted of 4 adults and 3 children. The Lord has been faithful to His Church as He has indeed kept His Word and preserved it.

To the glory of God, the Church has experienced favour and increase and some other parishes have been birthed and established. The Church has continued to grow in a multicultural and multiracial dimension and we are appreciative of God’s support. God has kept His word in making our gathering as a house of prayer, worship and rightly dividing the Word of truth in love.


  • To reveal to the hopeless, through inspiration by teaching God’s Word, that in Jesus Christ is hope and that their sun can rise again.
  • To reach out to these loved ones with unconditional love, care and also acceptance in the love of God as a family church.
  • To prepare all for eternity through the teaching of the infallible word of God, knowing that beyond His love for us here, His purpose for us extends to eternity with Him.

Expectations of visitors

  • We remind people of the importance of keeping eternity in view.
  • We aim at teaching them that they can live victoriously, achieve and fulfill a divine purpose in their lives.
  • We are a family and multiracial church that truly cares for all.